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Puppy klasse reuen:

1 Hells Bells Off Mcbully’s And Co

2 Mighty Crew Englushman

3 Experience Dreams Perfect Red Prince

4 Black Box Off Oxion

Puppy klasse teven:

1 Black Xiomara Off Oxion

2 Love Bomb Off Mcbully’s And Co

3 Shot Of Love Off Mcbully’s And Co

4 Of Djinjairo’s You Can Have Her

BESTE PUP: Black Xiomara Off Oxion

Reuen jeugdklasse:

1 Ares Be Gentle With Love

2 Special Delivery Just Like Him

Reuen tussenklasse

1 Satiricon Gold Digger

2 Love Express Of Pretty Pinks

3 Shadow Dancer Howling Hurricane

Reuen openklasse:

1 Madcap Jump The Pond

2 Sapphire Be Gentle With Love

3 Another Love Of Pretty Pinks

4 Special Delivery Wildest Thing

Reuen kampioensklasse:

1 Teirgwyn Top Gun (BESTE REU, BOB)

2 Black Jack Of The Roman Finish

3 Raw Diamond Be Gentle With Love


BESTE REU: Teirgwyn Top Gun

RESERVE REU:  Satiricon Gold Digger

Teven jeugdklasse:

1 Urukonda Otilia

2 Hidden Hotspot Of Critical Point

3 Special Delivery Next Generation

4 Apple Bandit Off Deadly Dollars

Teven tussenklasse:

1 Wild Eyes Angel Of Deadly Dollars

2 Special Delivery You And I

3 Shadow Dancer Hidden Harmony

4 Naomi First Love Of Pretty Pinks

Teven openklasse:

1 Lillet White Berry Ma Che Bello

2 Ekanga Call It Magic

3 Wonder Black Love Of Pretty Pinks

Teven kampioensklasse:

1 Yoeckiedoe’s Now And Forever

Teven veteranenklasse:

1 Shadow Dancer Naughty By Nature

2 Lady Sunshine Off Daikini


BESTE TEEF: Lillet White Berry Ma Che Bello

RESERVE TEEF: Ekanga Call It Magic


B.O.B. Teirgwyn Top Gun